LEES 604 Day 4

Topic: CHAT Main Concepts: Activity Theory

  • Text: van Oers et al. Chapter 3
  • Text: van Oers et al. Chapter 4
  • Leontiev, A. N. (1981). The problem of activity in psychology. In J. V. Wertsch (Ed.), The concept of activity in Soviet psychology (pp. 37-71). New York: M. E. Sharpe.


  1. Logistical issues
    • Anything
  2. Review discussion summary from last class session
  3. Participant led reading summaries and discussions. Make sure we end with a good understanding of following concepts:
    • Relationship between external material action and mental actions
    • Cultural tools as material and symbolic
    • Unit of analysis in CHAT
    • Psychological tools and technical tools
    • Cultural artifacts beyond speech
    • Activity, action, and operation
    • Object, goals, and motives
  4. Questions
  5. Writing Samples
  6. Readings for next class--no meeting, class will meet next on 6/20/12 at 7pm. Book reviews are due 5pm the same day.
    • Your book review book

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